Why can't everything just work?

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Nate Work

Why can't everything just work?

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Nate Work
July 22, 2022

"Why can't everything just work?"

I want your network - your infrastructure, software, services, computers, and mobile devices, to be 100% reliable, too.

More often than not, your IT provider isn't breaking things. (Though sometimes we do 🥹)

We're providing support services on a fixed fee basis; therefore, our goals are aligned with yours: to maximize service availability. (If we billed hourly, we'd want things to fail!)

"What needs to change to make things 100% reliable?"

Somehow, we would need to prohibit all of the following, which are entirely out of our hands but will nevertheless adversely impact your network and are up to us to fix:

- buggy software
- defective hardware
- human error
- threat actors
- internet outages
- meteorological phenomena

Since we can't prohibit those things, we can't deliver a 100% reliable environment. However, it's good to have goals!

The largest service providers in the world - Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Cloudflare, etc., have astronomically expensive networks, yet they target only 99.999% availability. And despite being the dominant cloud infrastructure service, Amazon Web Services went down for five straight hours on December 5, 2021, taking down 40% of the world's cloud infrastructure 🤦🏻

Your IT provider wants the same thing you do: perfection. But we have to balance that with practicality.So sometimes, you're just going to have to turn it off and back on again 😀

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