Endpoint Security

Beyond delivering competent IT support, we bring our best practices and our suite security services.

Patch management

Our management system automates the installation of Microsoft Windows and third-party patches. Gone are update notifications from Acrobat and Java as well as your worry about whether your PCs are patched.

Cloud-based anti-malware

Leave the selection of anti-virus software to us. We use the same security software across our client base so that when the next malware makes news, we can assure all of our clients that they're protected.

Malicious website filtering

If you accidentally fall for a link in a malicious email, our website filtering software will assess the health of the destination before letting the site load.

Endpoint privilege management

Without EPM software, your staff either has full control or no control over their software. With EPM software, your staff may install approved software without giving them risky, full control over their PCs.

Network Monitoring

Monitoring our clients’ networks is one of our core services. Proactive monitoring alerts us to issues before they become problems.

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