Reduced-fee IT support for in-need not-for-profits

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Nate Work

Reduced-fee IT support for in-need not-for-profits

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Nate Work
January 19, 2024

Sam Harris' recent podcast episode, Generosity, Cynicism, and the Future of Doing Good, got me thinking about how Qore can be more generous. "Who could benefit from our services," I wondered, "but truly can't afford competent IT support?"

I know from experience that there are plenty of profitable companies that could benefit from IT support, but choose not to. And then there are charitable organizations who know they could be more efficient if only they weren't hamstrung by insufficient IT services.

To help those who are doing good in our community, I'd like to try an experiment: I'd like to offer our IT support services to those charitable organizations who need IT support and security services but cannot afford it. And here's how, at least for now, I'll quantify those requirements:

  1. The organization must be a registered 501(c)(3)
  2. The organization must not have had third-party IT support in the last 12 months, indicating that they cannot afford external IT support. We don't want charitable organizations firing their MSP to get our services for cheap 🫠
  3. The organization must be in Microsoft 365 or willing to move to Microsoft 365 as a billable project.
  4. The organization must be willing to replace any consumer-grade network infrastructure, e.g., wireless routers from Best Buy, with business-grade hardware as a billable project.

Qore will consider providing our managed IT support services to organizations that qualify with these conditions:

  1. All support services shall be performed remotely; on-site visits are not included in this offer.
  2. All clients must be on auto-pay.
  3. The maximum length of the engagement shall be 12 months.
  4. We reserve the right to terminate the engagement at any time.
  5. Qore shall assign all support requests to the Low Priority queue. That doesn't mean that we'll never get to these support requests, only that we will address all requests, regardless of Urgency or Impact, at the Low Priority cadence, where priorities are defined in this matrix:

If you know charitable organization that could benefit from great IT support, please send them our way!

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