Qore Security Methodology

Let Qore instill a culture of security in your organization, eliminating the
security guesswork from your network operations.
During periodic QBRs, we'll meet with your leadership to review current project status, and plan and budget for future projects.

Coming out of this meeting you'll have an IT roadmap for the next several quarters!


Cloud Security

Cloud services may present a large attack surface, but no single firm’s resources can compete with cloud-scale security. Let Qore apply our evolving security best practices to your cloud presence.

Zero-trust Computing

Adhering to the zero-trust paradigm makes each device more secure, and prepares your firm for a distributed work model, where working out of the office is indistinguishable from working in the office.

Internal Threat Detection and Response

While anti-malware software on end-points is still important, they don’t detect anomalous behavior like command-and-control or exfiltration of data. Let Qore apply our cloud and end-point security best practices to detect and mitigate internal security threats.

Security Awareness Training

Challenging your staff arms them with the knowledge they need to be vigilant in an evolving threat landscape.

Proactive Endpoint Resets

For those clients with the most aggressive security posture, we erase their computers after a prescribed number of months in service. This way, a compromised endpoint has a limited lifetime on the network.

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